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"Shhhh!!!! I'm Listening to Reason!" wrote:

On Aug 15, 12:13*pm, Glanbrok wrote:
On Aug 14, 8:01*pm, Clyde Slick wrote:

Yodelling is the purist form of white music there is, plus its almost
Aryan, to boot.
try putting some white power lyrics into yodelling, you will really
have something there, Bratzi.

Let's take a moment to mourn Hank Williams again....

The Pavarotti of the Plains:
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On Aug 14, 7:53*pm, Clyde Slick wrote:
On Aug 14, 6:48*pm, Bret L wrote:

On Aug 13, 10:40*pm, Clyde Slick wrote:

On Aug 13, 10:36*pm, Bret L wrote:

On Aug 13, 3:12*pm, Clyde Slick wrote:

On Aug 13, 4:02*pm, MiNe 109 * wrote:

In article
*Clyde Slick wrote:

Chris Squire
He is exactly the kind of bassist I have no use for.

He goes absolutley nowhere extremely fast.

I would have said plodding or lumbering, but then I like his playing in

No love for Bootsie? John Paul Jones? Tony Levin?

Bootsie (and Graham) left off because I don't appreciate theri styles,
they dopn't fit my criteria
it does nothing for me.
John Paul Jones is ok, but not up to being on the list
Levin, ok, not up to the list
Upon further reflecetion, I forgot to include Pino Palladino
in the mid late teens on my list

*Bootsy is an American institution. Gotta give him props.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

so, waht kind of bass do you play?
i mean, the make and model and configuration of bass guitar, not your

*I don't play bass. I have worked on a lot of basses.

ok, you can change strings.
why bother if you don't play?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Empty life.
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Default New Spin Magazine

On Aug 15, 12:02*am, "Shhhh!!!! I'm Listening to Reason!"
On Aug 13, 11:46*am, ScottW wrote:

On Aug 11, 8:48*pm, Clyde Slick wrote:

On Aug 11, 10:44*pm, Jenn wrote:

In article
*Clyde Slick wrote:

AS far as Carol Kaye, she claimed that it is her bass playing you hear
on almost all of the Motown stuff usually atrtributed to James

This is a tough one. *There is very strong evidence that Jamerson played
those sessions. *And some also swear that Carol played on the Motown
sessions that she says she did, Hal Davis (who should know) among them. *
Sadly, the record keeping back then was horrible. *Today, one can go to
the Local 47 office and find out exactly who played what in L.A. since
about 1975 forward.

Carol is a nice person and an amazing musician. *I only played with her
a few times, as she is now effectively retired. *We say howdy at NAMM
each year. *She is, undoubtedly, one of the most heard musicians of all
time, up there with Hal Blaine, Don Randi, Stevie Gadd, the Candoli
brothers, Dick Nash, Howard Roberts, George Roberts, Tommy Tedesco,
Louie Shelton, and a handful of others whose names the vast majority of
music fans have never heard.

Its not reallyn a tough one. On the sessions in question, the Funk
Brothers conglomerate played them in Detroit,

Kayes' bio on Wiki does not credit her with the songs in question.

Kaye plays with a pick and strikes the string near the bridge.
Jamerson plays with his fingers and strikes the string near the pickup

Kaye's factors lead to a plinky, twangy sound,
while al Jamerson's factors lead to a deep thumpy sound.

Listen to The Beach Boys "Good to My Baby" form Beach Boys today,
you can hear what I am talking about.Kayes sound.
Compare that to the deep Jamerson rumble
of the Supremes "Come See about Me" or "Stop in THE
Name of Love"

Both players used early to mid 60's P Basses
and flat wound strings.

I think there is a small little similarity in parts of the lines for
Shake Me Wake Me (Jamerson)
and Good to My Baby, but a big difference ins sound and style.

BTW, look at all the greats who played on "Good to MY Baby

Hal Blaine - drums
Steve Douglas - tenor saxophone
Al Jardine - backing vocals
Plas Johnson - tenor saxophone
Carol Kaye - bass guitar
Mike Love - lead & backing vocals
Jay Migliori - baritone saxophone
Bill Pitman - guitar
Don Randi - tack piano, organ
Billy Strange - guitar
Ron Swallow - tambourine
Tommy Tedesco - guitar
Julius Wechter - conga drums
Brian Wilson - piano, lead & backing vocals
Carl Wilson - guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Wilson - backing vocals

Jamerson is the greatest electric bassist of all time, in my opinion.
Kaye was exceptionally good.

Here is my list!

1 James Jamerson
2 Donald Duck Dunn
3 Jack Bruce
4 JAco PAstorius
5 Jack Cassidy (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)
6 HArvey Brooks
7. George Porter, Jr. (the Meters)
8 Nathan East (Clapton)
9 Darry Johnson (the Nevile Bros.)
10 Bob Glaub
11 Johnny Gaydon (AlbertCollins)
12 Chuck Rainey
13 Carol Kaye
14 John Doster (BB King, appx 1995-2005)
15 John McVie
16 Stanley Clarke
17 Bill Wyman
18 Lee Sklar

*How do you leave Chris Squire off this list?

Overly self-indulgent and crappy thin tone?

Just a guess.

Remember...if it isn't old prog rock, Scott hasn't a clue.
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