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Default Today’s Entrepreneurs

Today’s Entrepreneurs

Posted by Bob on August 4, 2010 at 6:00 am

"Those who live in the political world never write about its realities. They don’t REALIZE its realities.

It is like the Mantra. You explain it and explain it and slowly the
obvious reality sinks in.

So the same respectable conservative who makes his living fighting
liberal causes knows that someone whose credentials are the same as
his, but on the left. But he never THINKS about it.

When the Soviet Empire collapsed, so did the major industry built
around Soviet-American Friendship. This was the same industry that had
been in the unilateral disarmament industry in Carter’s time and which
staged the greatest last-ditch emergency political effort in history
in the Nuclear Freeze Movement.

Every network had Nuclear Freezers as its heroes even down to its
sitcoms. A giant movie special about nuclear war was made for TV, but
it was so obviously propaganda that it flopped.

Comedians pushed the Nuclear Freeze. It was to stop the Strategic
Defense Initiative, which was the last nail in the Soviet coffin.

The Soviet empire fell. It has been mentioned repeatedly that
conservatives were left without Moscow as their national enemy. But
what was never hinted was that there was also a PRO-Soviet industry.

Every former Soviet working at their Embassy said plainly after the
fall that all of his time had been spent “recruiting.” Nobody
questioned that. But, as usual, nobody THOUGHT about that.

Sixty years of full time recruiting and, if you were not a
McCarthyite, you had to believe no one got recruited.

Even more so you had to accept that, while the right had huge anti-
Communist organizations, there were no pro-Soviet ones on the left.

But no one can give a true history of the rise of environmentalist
activism without pointing to the thousands who went straight from
working in one part of the left to another.

When people talk about environmentalism, I can’t have much to say,
because nobody is interested in the big reason for its explosive

I have seen endless numbers of movements formed and I have formed a

I explained about direct mailing in another piece. All those
“spokesmen” you see on TV in Washington or New York draw a salary.
Very few of them could live on a congressman’s salary, which is as
high as government workers get.

They do this the good old American way, by entrepreneurship. But today
they don’t found small businesses. They found groups to support a

Competition is fierce. You have to think of a cause which can raise
money but which no one has already taken over yet.

Many an organization to save the Peruvian Ringworm has been tried and
failed. Many an organization has tried to set up another version of a
proven money-maker like Ban Guns but found the field already over

In the real world, they pick causes the way Americans used to pick a
location for a restaurant or a hardware store.

This is one of the most fundamental facts of American politics.

And you won’t read about it anywhere but in BUGS."
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Default Today’s Entrepreneurs

On Aug 4, 1:18*pm, Bret L wrote:

And you won’t read about it anywhere but in BUGS."

Maybe there is a reason for that!

Aside: did BUGS hire on Duh Mikey as a staff writer?
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