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Anousack Voravong
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Default AudioQuest Midnight 2 ft pair$35

Need retermation short lenth great for mono amp, $35+$6 ship

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Bob Morein
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On 1/9/03 11:13, in article
, "Anousack
Voravong" wrote:

retermation short lenth great for

Compare to equivalent Home Depot, $5.97

And much better than the above.



The above is, of course, a forgery.

It appears that Brian L. McCarty is truely reaping the rewards of evil on
his 49th birthday.

The link leads to the following page:

This Account Has Been Suspended
For more information regarding this suspension please contact the support
department by sending an email to with your domain
name in the subject line, or call 310-314-1608 and select the menu option
for support.

Thus both "WorldJAZZ" and "Coral Sea Studios" have been revealed to be
frauds by that most heinous, evil of individuals, Brian L. McCarty.

He truely reaps what he sows.

Surely no business partners for Brian L. McCarty!


Whoops! The above appears to be a pack of lies from the "WorldJAZZ" website, Moscow Central TV is being informed about this

The website goes on to say,
"has been named OFFICIAL CO-SPONSOR of the
2003 Jersey Jazz Bass Festival

SEPTEMBER 26-28 2003
WorldJAZZ will be presenting a technical paper

But there is no "Jersey Jazz Bass Festival" ! It's a complete fiction! There
IS a fishing tournament called the "Jersey Bass Festival".
And there's no "PETER THLIVEROSKI". It's a play on the name of Peter
Thliveros, a sports fisherman.

Lying is Brian's vocation. is built on the principle of the
"Big Lie", first enunciated by Joseph Goebbels.
Unfortunately, Brian doesn't know when to stop.
The fact of his lying on results in his constant
exposure on Google, which drives away the very suckers he would like to get
for WorldJAZZ.
We help this process of awareness along with a very active information

Bluebook Value of Coral Sea Studios = MINUS $270,000.
Bluebook Value of WorldJAZZ Scam = Less Than Zero, precise numbers are under

The Face Behind the Mask:Scammer Brian L. McCarty, Moscow Central TV, David
C.L. Feng, David Ellison,
Ying Hong Huang, Lee Hodges, Anthony Ramallo, Melinda Hsu, Melinda Shu
80 Raffles Place, Coral Sea Studios, WorldJazz, Enron, K1 Ventures,
Trinity Beach, Cairns, Australia, Boomerang

The Voice Behind the Curtain:

McCarty had an early scheme for Internet radio. He claims to have sold
musical performance properties and/or a business plan to Black Entertainment
Television for $9.2M. Subsequently, he left Los Angeles. One unsubstantiated
rumor is that he left to avoid prosecution for a sex crime, presumably by
paying off the victim or family. Once in Australia, he made the acquaintance
of the brother of P.M. John Howard, who introduced him to contacts at ABN
Amro, an investment banking firm. They created a business plan for some kind
of a sound studio, still represented by the website After approximately a year, ABN withdrew
from partnership, but left the studio project still solvent. Some time
later, it went bankrupt or nearly so, owing $270,000 to it's employees. At
this point, Australia's entitlement law kicked in, paying the employees
monies owed them, with the exception of codirectors McCarty and Jeff Wexler.

It would appear that McCarty's enterprises failed because he has some kind
of mental imbalance, which exhibits signs of both schizophrenia and
obsessive-compulsive disorder. The impersonations which he makes of me are
a fraction of the numerous identities which he has used in the past, and
continues to use, on occasion, in the present. McCarty may actually believe
he is the person who he impersonates. Many of the identities are of
elaborate construction, taking some six months or more to take shape.
McCarty seems to have a magical belief that use of false identities provides
a shield.

Since his business failure, McCarty has tried to obtain new financing. These
methods characteristically rely on false identities and false business
fronts. His domain registrations are in the names of nonexistent people, and
his websites advertise nonexistent associations and companies, frequently by
theft of trademark. For example, my name, Robert Morein, was used as a
fictitious endorsement on his website Since
he was caught some three months ago claiming to be a producer for a
syndicated jazz music program, his name has not appeared publicly on any of
his business enterprises.

McCarty is currently attempting to revive his Internet radio scheme,
WorldJAZZ, under the name This webpage currently
consists completely of false associations and endorsements. There is no
"Jersey Jazz Bass Festival", and "Peter Thliveroski" is a modification of
"Peter Thliveros", a sports bass fisherman!

McCarty has certain bizarre beliefs regarding the pricing of used audio
equipment appearing on He refers constantly to a book
known as the "Orion Bluebook", which reports surveys of audio dealers for
prices they paid for used equipment, and prices at which sold. Anyone who
advertises on with prices in excess of the "wholesale
average condition" price is subject to attack by McCarty, who does so with
the vigor of the Red Brigades. Tactics he has employed against victims are
the filing of false crime reports with local police departments alleging
that the seller deals in stolen goods and alleged zoning violations.

Anyone can become a McCarty victim by disagreeing with him in a public
forum. In the past, consequences have been virus attacks, email bomb
attacks, defamatory postings, and chronic impersonation. All this is
contradictory to McCarty's apparent goal of obtaining finance for his
business projects. An intelligent scammer works quietly, while McCarty may
be the best known scammer of all time.

McCarty is 49 years old, and appears to be ill, requiring intermittent
hospital care. He apparently lacks mobility. It is possible that this
contributes to his mental imbalance.

Among McCarty's aliases, we have: Anthony Ramallo, David Ellison, David C.L.
Feng, Ying Hong Huang, Lee Hodges, Melinda Hsu, Melinda Shu, Robert Morein,
Robert X Morein, Sylvan Morein, Sylvan X Morein, et al.

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On 1/9/03 11:13, in article
, "Anousack
Voravong" wrote:

retermation short lenth great for

Compare to equivalent Home Depot, $5.97


Also not sold at Home Depot.

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Anousack Voravong
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